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Alicia Martinez Moss is the Designer / Creator of every Fine Jewelry Item on this Site

About Alicia Martinez Moss – She is an emerging Latina Jewelry Designer that focuses mostly on the healing attributes of the stones she uses on her designs. She designs her beautiful and delicate handcrafted, spiritually healing gemstone  jewelry pieces in her East Harlem Studio. Her Muse is the neighborhood she loves and lives in. She is inspired by the culture, food and the life of El Barrio. Her colorful and spiritually healing pieces reminds us of the delicate balance between health and beauty. Materials she uses are Precious and Semi Precious Stones with Gold, and Silver. Her contemporary designs have become a favorite for Weddings, Graduations, and Birthday celebrations because of her ability to appreciate the beauty and individuality of the wearer and match the jewelry with the clothing being worn for these special occasions.
Alicia's Such Happiness Line of Handcrafted Spiritually Healing Jewelry is currently sold only as listed here:
You will soon be able to purchase on-line here,
at Alicia's NYC Studio in East Harlem
at the Studio of Rose Tepedino in Oakdale, Long Island
or at Hosted Parties thru-out the NY Metropolitan area.
To host a party please contact Alicia at 347-672-6891 or email to


New York City, NY


(347) 672 6891



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