Contact Alicia to create a spiritually healing, handcrafted, silver or gold  gemstone fine jewelry piece designed just for you.

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Want Fine Handcrafted Spiritually Healing Jewelry?

Want Fine Handcrafted Jewelry at DISCOUNTED prices?

How much do you like jewelry?
How much do you value your Spiritual health?
Would you like to wear jewelry that looks Stylish and Amazing
And also helps you maintain good Spiritual wellbeing?
Would you like to obtain Fine HANDMADE JEWELRY
At a Such Happiness Handcrafted Jewelry Party you can!
Try on ONE OF A KIND Beautiful HANDMADE Spirituall Healing Pieces without interruptions
In a Relaxed HOME Setting. Match that Hard To Find JEWELRY for that SPECIAL OUTFIT.
Have fun with your girlfriends while searching for the perfect piece. If you both love the same piece AlIce could always replicate and still offer you choices to match your individual style.

How can YOU Have A Party AND EARN 15% of the Jewelry Sales?
Just get 8-10 friends to come over to your home for a party
they will browse thru the pieces that The Host has on display.
Your friends will not be able to resist the temptation of Such Happiness Jewelry.
You can also Talk to Alice about
      Such Happiness Party Organizer Positions
Jewelry parties are a really fun way to take a look, and try on various items of jewelry.
All in the comfort of your own home. There are no pushy sales people and no obligation to buy, just a fun packed night with your friends.
Trying on jewelry in your own home (or friends house) is a really great way to match your accessories with certain ensembles/outfits.
It’s not possible to try on jewelry with different clothes in a shop. I think sometimes it is necessary to do this, especially if you are looking to match your jewelry with something specific.
My jewelry parties in your home or friends can give you this freedom. The ability to try what you please with no time restrains, while discussing and choosing the healing attributes of stones that will guide you spiritually and complete that outfit with Style.
Contact Alice, and schedule a party.  Invite your jewelry loving friends to join you.

Generous Discounts offered to Party Givers!!!

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